Second Brain Connectivity Course - Grenoble 2015

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 The Second Brain Connectivity Course is an intermediate-level, 5-day workshop designed for investigators having familiarity with the fundamental principles of fMRI data acquisition and analysis.

The course will be held at the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience in Grenoble, FRANCE from Monday 21 to Friday 25, September 2015.



 The course will give an overview of the main methods for brain connectivity analysis resting-state fMRI and Diffusion Imaging.

 After the course, attendees be able to select the appropriate approach (model or data driven), and software tool to analyze a neuroimaging data set. They will also be able to choose the optimal protocol for MRI data acquisition for resting state of task-related fMRI studies.

 Designed to help students, clinicians and neuroscience investigators in planning and analyzing fMRI studies, this course includes both presentations of theoretical background issues along with practical demonstrations and exercises for each technique discussed.

 The course will be conducted in English. To maintain a high degree of interaction between students and faculty, the class size will be limited to 45.


 Main Topics

  •  Seed-based Functional Connectivity (Connectivity Toolbox)
  • Diffusion Tensor Image Analysis
  • Connectome Analysis
  • Multimodal Data Modeling

 Speaker list

  • Sophie Achard (GIPSA-Lab Grenoble)
  • Assia Jaillard (CHU-Grenoble)
  • Alfonso Nieto-Castanon (MIT, Boston)
  • Felix Renard (CHU-Grenoble)
  • Thomas Zeffiro (Neurometrika; Harvard Medical School, Boston)

 During the course:

As the sessions will include software demonstrations and tutorials, participants are expected to bring a laptop with MATLAB, SPM12 and MRIcron already installed.

 Afternoons will include laboratory sessions during which participants will gather in small groups to work with the faculty through the stages of analyzing data from example experiments.

 Location: .Lectures will be held in the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience which is located in the CHU of Grenoble.

Register is not yet open or can be directed to brainconnectivity@neurometrika.org

Fees:  The regular fee for the 5-day program is US$750, which covers access to all sessions, conference coffee breaks and conference material. Discounts will be made available to French students and INSERM investigators, with EU300 fees for French students and EU500 fees for Research investigators and academics.

 French students and INSERM investigators can get subsidized payment information by emailing brainconnectivity@neurometrika.org.

 Questions about the course arrangements will be displayed soon.

 Accommodations:  There are a number of comfortable hotels near the course site.




Functional Connectivity Course Grenoble 2013

The course is over and the presentations are available as all pdf files in the section planning.


The course evaluation has been rated as excellent for the overall evaluation. The answers rate reached 72%. The Number of years of neuroimaging research experience was significantly correlated with positive ratings: the more experienced, the better.


This five-days course course (September, 23-27th) will give an overview of the main methods for functional brain connectivity analysis in activation and resting-state fMRI.

The aim is to be able to select the appropriate approach (model driven or data driven), method and software to analyze a data set. An additional aim is to be able to choose the appropriate protocol for data acquisition, in terms of parameters acquisition and protocol (activation or resting state) according to the working hypothesis.

Designed to help PhD students, clinicians and researchers in planning and analyzing fMRI studies, this course includes a theoretical background and a demonstration for each software. Additional training sessions are proposed.

The course is organized in English.



  1.  Dynamic Causal Modeling (DCM)
  2.  Psycho-Physiological Interactions (PPI)
  3.  Seed-based Functional Connectivity (Conn
  4.  Independent Component Analysis (GIFT)
  5.  Graph Theory (Brainwaver)


Speakers list

  • Sophie Achard (GIPSA-Lab Grenoble France)
  • Elena Allen (University of Bergen in Norway and the Mind Research Network in Albuquerque, NM, USA)
  • Olivier David (Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences France)
  • Darren Gitelman (NorthWestern University  of Chicago USA)
  • Jérémie Mattout (CNRS Lyon France)
  • Thomas Zeffiro (Martinos Center Harvard University Boston USA)


Scientific organization: Assia Jaillard (CHUG); Chantal Delon-Martin (GIN); Cédric Pichat (UPMF);Alexandre Krainik (CHUG); Thomas Zeffiro (MGH Martinos Center Boston); Olivier David (GIN); Sophie Achard (GIPSA Lab); Jean-François Le Bas (CHUG).

 Questions about the course arrangements or content should be directed to Assia.Jaillard@gmail.com or NMicoud@chu-grenoble.fr

This course has received logistical and financial support of







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